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60 Second Trading
60 Second Trading is the newest and most exciting way to trade binary options online. TR Binary Options is proud to be the innovator of the 60 Second option. You can make up to 70% while trading with the fastest expiry times available anywhere, in any market. With 60 Second options you only need one PIP to move in the right direction to be successful. Chart analysis and news trading are brought to the center stage in this new expiry time. Every PIP counts when trading such short positions so make sure to keep a close eye on your charts. Besides high payouts and excitement, it is most important to use a well-planned money management strategy and not to over trade your capital with these types of trades.

Binary Options
Binary Option trading is the simplest form of online trading available today and the TR Binary Options platform makes it as easy as possible. All you have to do is choose an asset you want to trade. Then, look at the current price and the expiry time. If you believe that the price of the asset will rise at the expiry time, then click on “call”.  If you believe that the price of the asset will fall, then click “put”. After that, enter the amount that you wish to invest and click the “apply” button.

When the expiry time arrives, if your prediction was correct, then the trade closed “in the money” and you will be rewarded with the payout percentage that was offered in the trade. If you predicted incorrectly, then you will only receive back the percentage of your investment that was also predetermined in the contract. As you can see, it’s simple, safe, and the quickest way to profit online.

Candlestick Charts
TR Binary Options has added a Candlestick Chart feature which shows the price action during a given time frame. The chart we provide can show 1 minute, 1 hour or 1 day of time intervals. If the bar is green it means that the price increased during the selected time period. If the bar is red, it means that the price decreased during the selected time period. The colored part of the candle is known as the ‘body’ and represents the movement between the open and close of the candle. The small “sticks” on either end represent the highest and lowest prices the asset traded at during the given time period. These charts provide traders with more information in a very visual way and can help you to be more profitable in your trades.

Double Up
If you are close to your expiry time, and you think that the direction you predicted is on a roll, then you have the chance to “do it again” by clicking on Double Up.  By doing this, you can create a new trade with the same conditions, for the current price of the asset. In a nutshell, when things look good, Double Up gives you the opportunity to increase your investment and thus, double your profits. TR Binary Options traders can benefit from using this feature by increasing their investment on open positions, making double the profit on expiry, and immediately capitalizing on a strong position.

Follow Feature
Receiving wisdom from the actions and experience of others is a sure way for clients to improve their trading skills and expand their binary options knowledge. The TR Binary Options Follow Feature is a newly implemented element that enables traders to track the actions of leading traders and mimic them. After selecting which successful traders to follow, the user then has the chance to imitate the actions of these prosperous traders based on their own personal specifications. The trader can select an amount of time to follow another user, an investment transaction and a max investment limit in line with their trading preferences. The Follow Feature is an innovative tool which helps traders make successful investments.

Forex Feature
TR Binary Options has recently implemented Forex capabilities; this new feature combines the fun element of trading Forex with the security of binary options trading. This offers clients more flexibility when making a trade, ultimately allowing them to increase their chances of making a profit. In order to make a trade using the Forex Feature, the user first selects a contract size value. They then set their Stop Loss, Take Profit, direction and position. Trading Forex with binary options has many benefits for investors. The main advantage is that gains and losses are fixed and the option expires within a specified time period. This means that even with a huge depreciation of a currency, the potential movement of a traders investment remains fixed. And with expiry times still in play, there is no need to worry about the movements of the market when sleeping, working, or otherwise unavailable.

*Please note, however, that Forex trading regulations differ by country and may not be available to traders in all regions.

Ladder Options
For skilled binary options traders, Ladder Options is a great trading strategy tool added to the TR Binary Options platform. This feature allows users to work even more in depth with options they are trading by predicting numerous strike points an option might hit. When this element is utilized, a trader will see a range of pre-defined price levels on an asset in the Call or Put direction, depending on their original prediction. The trader can then decide if the option will hit these various strike points and make investments on each. This feature allows a user to continuously earn rewards as the value of an option “climbs” the ladder, instead of only gaining when the price of an asset moves above or below a certain point. Users on TR Binary Options clients can now retain earnings based on the continued movement of an asset with high return rates!

Refer a Friend
TR Binary Options now offers incentives to its loyal customers as a thank you for sharing the platform with family and friends. The new Refer a Friend element, users can now refer friends to TR Binary Options instantly via a specialized link and e-mail. Once the referred friend makes a $200 deposit, BOTH of you (the referrer and referee) win a $50 bonus deposited directly into their accounts. There is no limit to the amount of bonuses a trader can receive, the more referrals, the merrier. This is a special thank you to our most valued users for sharing the love of binary options with the special people in their lives.

Rollover is a powerful stop loss strategy that TR Binary Options offers. It allows a trader to postpone the expiry of their option.  When the market disagrees with a trader, that is (when it looks as though your prediction is not going to be on target by the upcoming expiry date), activate Rollover with the click of a button. This gives you another opportunity to close in the money. The Rollover feature is available up to 10 minutes before the expiry and the benefits of using this element include being able to postpone the option's expiry time, and traders get 30% higher returns when your option expires in the money (added 30% profit).

*Please note each particular option Rollover can be applied only once.

Strategy Advisor
The Strategy Advisor is one of the newest types of binary options trading tools. This tool allows a trader to choose from three different analytic strategies and use them for further insight into the behavior of different assets. The three strategies used in the Strategy Advisor are the Relative Strength Index (RSI), the Moving Average and the Bollinger Bands strategy. Strategy Advisor calculates and analyzes chart data and provides a call / put recommendation based on previous expiries of the asset. Download PDF to read more.

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